Infant and Toddler Gift Guide: Golf and Tennis Edition

Shopping for infants and toddlers can be tricky. With limited communication, it’s hard to know whether or not your child is comfortable in their chosen outfit (unless they’re a particularly vocal child, that is). That’s why we’ve crafted up a list of our favorite infant and toddler golf clothes from Turtles and Tees. We create all of our products with comfort, safety, and functionality in mind - meaning you can shop seamlessly without a worry on your mind. Check out our favorite gifts below, and just click on the images to direct you to each product:

Under $40 Gifts for Infant and Toddler Boys

Simon Shorts - $30.00

Your infant (or toddler) boy will be prepared for anything the day brings in the Simon Shorts. Coming in navy blue or slate blue, which is a gray-ish/pastel blue hue, these shorts are easy to match for any occasion. These everyday shorts are for the course and beyond - in the car, at the park, or on the golf course. Our top of the line performance woven was designed for movement and comfort. And the icing on the cake? The fabric has UPF 40+ protection, is moisture wicking, and has anti-microbial qualities, so you’ll be confident in your boy’s safety and comfort at all time. These shorts feel just as great as they look thanks to their pull-on elastic waistband! Try pairing the slate blue infant shorts with a mini Jordan polo and a matching baseball cap for sunny days.

Also available: Simon shorts in navy blue

Kyle Onesie - $34.00

The Kyle Onesie is my personal favorite. Truthfully, I rarely want to take my son out of it! Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, the Kyle Onesie is a wonderful option for infants. It’s available in sizes 0-3mos to 18-24mos, so you can easily size up or down for comfort. The 50+ UPF sun protection means days outside are stress-free, and the sweat wicking fabric only increases your confidence and comfort in the product. When purchasing a baby or toddler a new outfit, comfort and quality are huge priorities, at least for me. I want to be confident that my children’s clothing will hold up through even the toughest of days, and still be able to hand them down to their siblings or off to a new family entirely after they grow out of them. Fortunately, this onesie is made of steel. The durable fabric is machine washable, making stains easier to get out & laundry a breeze. Check out the Kyle Onesie in Navy and Coral below:

Also available: Kyle silver and navy onesie and Kyle blue and white onesie

Under $50 Gifts for Infant and Toddler Boys

Reese Hoodie Jacket - $48.00

I’d like to introduce you to your favorite boy’s new favorite jacket: The Reese Hoodie Jacket. The Reese Hoodie Jacket is wonderful in every way. I’d argue that changing anything would make this jacket less than perfect - and that’s a pretty big claim! This perfect toddler hoodie is warm, yet breathable - perfect for chilly days or sunny spring mornings. The stretch woven fabric was designed for both comfort and movement, with style in mind, meaning your little one won’t miss a beat. The Reese Hoodie comes in navy, and features a full effortless zipper, a hood, and front pockets. I like pairing it with Turtles and Tees Simon shorts in navy for a fully matching, adorable get-up. Paired with bright white (or maybe not so bright anymore thanks to all the mud we play in…), my little guy looks stylish no matter where we’re headed. As with all Turtles and Tees products, the hoodie is sun protected and moisture wicking, and it has additional anti-microbial qualities to ensure safety even further. Here’s my favorite outfit pictured and linked below:

Under $40 Gifts for Infant and Toddler Girls

Girls Infant & Toddler Polo Shirt in Pink - $34.00

Polos are a classic, timeless piece. No matter how old or young, they’re likely to always stay stylish and functional. So why not take a swing with our signature mini cap sleeve polo? 

This bubblegum pink polo is the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe. Now, if you haven’t heard of one of those before, a capsule wardrobe is essentially a closet filled with a fairly minimal amount of clothing, but the items within are versatile and highly functional - meaning you can create a variety of outfits for different occasions with them. Polo shirts are easy to dress up or down, and pink matches with so many colors. This polo is a matching style to our junior girls polo, so creating matching ‘fits for the family will be a breeze!

This isn’t your average polo. This unique top for infants and toddlers includes a ruffle on the button placket, which provides an extra pop of of personality to make your little girl shine even more than she already does (which probably isn't possible). Not only does this bright pink polo shirt make a statement, it also ensures comfort, safety, and functionality with UPF 40+ protection, anti-microbial qualities, and sweat wicking material. Bonding on the course with your little one will be fashionably done, especially when paired with the mini Marlee Skort:

Marlee Infant & Toddler Woven Golf/Tennis Skort - $36.00

The Marlee Skort is a classic style mixed with everyday fun. As mentioned above, the Marlee Skort paired with our bubblegum pink cap sleeve polo is a match made in heaven. As you prep for your next golf outing, tennis match, or truly any day doing anything, this entire outfit is easy to throw on, comfortable, and functional. Oh! Did I mention it’s absolutely adorable? 

The Marlee Skort comes in pink with navy accents and pink and green club life print, which features cute golfing images printed over the skirt fabric (seen below). The effortless elastic pull-on color block waistband comes with an adorable attached bow for added cuteness. No need for further accessorizing! What do all great skorts need? Pockets! Fortunately, the Marlee skort doesn’t skimp in this category either. The coordinating mesh bloomers sewed underneath are perfect for windy days & adventures. As always, the piece is crafted from durable, stretchy fabric completed with 40+UPF sun protection and moisture wicking properties. The Marlee skort in green club life is pictured below paired with the bubblegum pink infant/toddler onesie that I can’t stop praising!

Also available: Marlee skort in pink/navy

Under $50 Gifts for Infant and Toddler Girls

Infant & Toddler Devon Long Sleeve Dress - $48.00

What could possible be cuter than a flowing, long sleeve dress during the colder months? Except maybe a bubblegum pink polo paired with a skort…

All jokes aside, the Devon Long sleeve dress is a cold-weather take on the classic shift dress. Once again, this dress comes in both infant/toddler sizes and junior sizes, so matching holiday images will be stress free (especially on the golf course ;) ). Your little one will feel amazing with our super soft knit fabric. The perfect gift for a baby girl is one you can be confident and secure in. In other words, if you’re opting to gift clothing, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing high-quality, comfortable clothing that doesn’t break the bank. To throw some icing on the cake, the Devon Long Sleeve Dress features sweat wicking, anti-microbial, and UPF sun protection qualities.

Not only is it comfortable AND functional, but it’s also unique. Throwing some personality into the mix, this adorable dress comes with a ruffle at the front button placket, a curved hem line, back ruffle, and size seam pocked - perfect for any occasion. You won’t have to worry about crawling or rolling around either, thanks to the coordinating mesh bloomers (with bottom snaps!) included. Check out the Devon Long Sleeve Shift Dress in navy and pink club life print below:

Also available: Devon dress in pink/green club life




Alas, we’ve reached the end of the list. Although we could suggest a variety of products, we know you can just pop over to our website and check out all we have to offer. Holiday shopping should be fun, affordable, and full of love and happiness - that’s our goal. We want to ensure that you receive high-quality, long-lasting products that last for generations! Our fall and winter launch includes the products listed above, but if you’re prepping for warmer weather, the options are limitless. 

We wish you all a happy shopping and hope you enjoy what we’ve created here at Turtles and Tees. We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out on our contact form for questions, comments, and more!

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