How Junior Golf and Tennis Players Can Enjoy the Chill this Winter

Embracing the Chill: A Playful Guide to Winter Golf and Tennis for Active Families

Winter is here, and while the cold might send some sports enthusiasts indoors for the season, it doesn't mean the fun has to end for golf and tennis enthusiasts - especially those with kids in tow. As someone who has weathered many winters on the golf course and tennis court (warm climate for the win), let me share some playful yet seasoned insights on how your family can continue to enjoy these sports (or related activities) both indoors and outdoors as temps drop.

Exploring Frosty Fairways: Winter Golfing Adventures

Wardrobe Wonderland for Junior Golfers

Golfing in the winter, in my opinion, is a chilly affair, but the right outfits can turn it into a cozy and stylish experience for young players. Invest in thermal layers, waterproof outerwear, and insulated gloves to keep the cold at bay. Cute and colorful hats and scarves not only add flair to their outfits but also provide extra warmth. It's fun to take this opportunity to strike a balance between functionality and fun when dressing your little athletes for winter wonderland.

Additionally, and obviously, layers and coverage are highly important in the cold. If you're opting for outdoor activities - look for sweat-wicking, breathable materials. Thin, high quality fabrics are optimal for layering in the winter. If you're going for a breezy winter walk, or perhaps an ice skating session, it's vital for frostbite protection and retaining warmth as you enjoy the play. Options for your girls might be long sleeve polo shirts, girls golf joggers, or even a golf skort with leggings underneath. For the lads, full breathable pants, boys long sleeve polo shirts, golf jackets for boys, and a set of thin socks (remember - high quality, yet breathable fabrics like merino wool are great for socks), are all great options.


Here's a good outfit that you can add even more layers to this winter! Featuring Turtles and Tees Girls Layla Long Sleeve Polo Shirt:

Snowflakes on the Court: Tennis with a Twist

Winter tennis brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Obviously, indoor tennis facilities or heated tennis courts if available, are ideal. However, who says you can't sweet up a court and hit the ball in the winter! While it may be hard to golf outdoors in the snow or frost, tennis bring an easier opportunity to stay active in the winter.  Additionally, indoor pickle ball or racquetball are awesome alternatives to stay active in the off-season.

For the young tennis enthusiasts in your family, warm-up exercises become even more crucial in the colder months, as we don't want to increase the risk of injury. Outfit them in breathable layers, ensuring they stay warm without sacrificing mobility - as per our paragraph above. Don't forget to pack a thermos with hot cocoa or tea to keep everyone toasty between sets!

Off-Court Adventures: Playful Winter Alternatives for Active Kids

Snow Angels and Sledding: Outdoor Winter Delights

While the golf clubs and tennis rackets take a seasonal break, there are plenty of alternatives to keep your young ones active and playful. Encourage them to embrace winter's beauty with classic activities like building snowmen, creating snow angels, or the thrill of sledding down a snowy hill. Or something my three older brothers and I did growing up - build the snow piles on the sides of our driveway into large forts with tunnels and caves, followed by a snowball fight or two. These activities both keep them physically active and foster a love for the winter wonderland.

Ice Skating and Skiing: Gliding into Winter Fun

Introduce your kids to the magic of ice skating or skiing. Whether on a frozen pond or at a local rink, ice skating provides an excellent opportunity for family fun. It enhances balance, coordination, and endurance – skills that can benefit their golf and tennis games when spring returns. Plus, there's nothing like gliding across the ice hand in hand with your little ones.

As for skiing, I know the price point can be higher than ideal. Opting for cross country skiing can allow for outdoor snowy cardio at a lower price point than downhill skiing. However, as a lifelong downhill skier, I've figure out the tips, tricks, and hacks to make each season more affordable. Ski swaps, hand-me-down gear, local thrift stores, and local hill weekday deals offer an opportunity to enjoy a thrilling sport with skills that translate across the board.

Winter doesn't have to mean hibernation for golf and tennis enthusiasts, especially those with active kids. With the right gear and a playful mindset, your family can continue to enjoy these sports throughout the colder months. And when the golf clubs and tennis rackets are safely stored away, embrace the winter wonderland with activities that keep your children healthy, happy, and ready to swing into action when the snow melts. But don't let them forget how much fun the snow can be!

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