How to Build a Versatile Golf Wardrobe

Golf is not just a sport; it's a lifestyle. Having a versatile golf wardrobe can ensure you're always dressed appropriately for the course, while also looking stylish for casual outings. Here’s a guide to help you build a golf wardrobe that caters to men, women, juniors, teens, infants, toddlers, and matching family outfits.

For Men

Essential Pieces:

Basic Polos: A high-quality polo shirt is a staple in any golfer’s wardrobe. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics and classic colors that can be paired with different bottoms. To pull it all together with the family, a classic striped blue father son matching polo could be a fantastic move.

Versatile Pants: Look for pants that offer stretch and comfort. Chinos or golf-specific trousers can transition seamlessly from the course to casual settings. 

Stylish Outerwear: A lightweight jacket or pullover can keep you warm on cooler days. Choose neutral tones for maximum versatility.

For Women

Essential Pieces:

Basic Polos: Women’s polos come in a variety of styles and colors. Look for breathable, quick-dry fabrics. Our favorite colors to work with are pastel pinks and blues, with varying prints. Something that allows you to hold true to your style, while also adhering to club dress codes, weather variations, and so on.

Versatile Pants and Skorts: Skorts offer the comfort of shorts with the style of a skirt - what more could a girl want! Pants with a bit of stretch are perfect for all-day wear. If you're opting for a colorful polo, try pairing it with solid bottoms (whether they are shorts, a skort, or pants). Alternatively, I'm a huge fan of the "matching set" type of outfit - look for similar hues and colors and patterns that compliment each other. 

Stylish Outerwear: A chic jacket or cardigan can elevate your look. Consider pieces with fashionable details like ruffles or unique patterns. A top layer on a warmer day could look like a mesh cardigan, or short sleeve sweater - something you can layer easily over a polo that will also compliment a skort, shorts, or pants alike!

Men's Walker  Performance Polo -Sonoma Stripe Twilight polo shirt TurtlesAndTees

For Juniors and Teens

Essential Pieces for Boys:

Basic Polos: Junior boys need comfortable, stylish polos that can withstand active play. Any color is great, but opting for boys polo shirts with classic patterns and varying hues of blues, browns, grays - neutrals, will offer up a variety of outfit options that align with club dress codes and teen boys' style.

Versatile Boys Shorts and Pants: Look for durable, flexible shorts and pants that are perfect for both the course and everyday activities. When looking for shorts, a stiffer and durable option could be the timeless chino shorts. These are perfect from going from class to course. On hot summer days, especially if they're going from pool to course (or vice versa), fast-drying polyester shorts are a go-to. As for boys golf pants - chillier mornings are made for stretchy joggers, while afternoon summer days you'll want something similar to the fast-drying, moisture wicking shorts. 

Ryder Boys Golf & Tennis Shorts - Sage shorts TurtlesAndTees SGE XSmall (4T)

Essential Pieces for Girls:

Polos: If you're searching for something to pair with a skort, shorts, or pants - our top choice is a classic girls polo shirt. And by classic, I mean something versatile that still allows your girl to express her own personal style! On hot days, a sleeveless white polo is going to allow breathable play and pair beautifully with a colorful patterned golf skort. Alternatively, if she's playing a chilly morning round, a long sleeve girls polo shirt still pairs wonderfully with a golf skort. 

Skorts and Pants: Skorts and shorts offer freedom of movement, while pants can be a great option for cooler days. A girls golf skort that hits mid-thigh can offer the correct coverage that adhere's to many club dress codes, while also offering a staple wardrobe piece for school, play days, and even other sports like tennis. 

Dresses: Girls’ golf and tennis attire should be comfortable and stylish (in other words: allow your girl to express her own personal style). Dresses can be a fun and practical option. Girls golf dresses and tennis dresses come in a wide range of cuts, lengths, colors, and patterns, so the options are truly almost endless. My personal favorite - something I feel you can wear to dinner, to the pool, on the course, and more, is a dress with a pleated bottom and fitted top. I think they look so wonderful with a long sleeve or jacket layered over, so you can dress it up or down and wear it in variable weather. Example below!

Girls Naomi Pleated Bottom Golf & Tennis Dress -Stroke of Genius Multi Dresses TurtlesAndTees

For Infants and Toddlers

Essential Pieces for Infant and Toddler Boys:

Polos and Onesies: Look for soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on delicate skin. An infant boys romper should be fitted enough to be comfortable and able to layer over, but loose enough to fit diapers under, move freely, and prevent chafing. Opt for something simple, a light blue infant boys polo onesie in a classic pattern for example. Turtles and Tees' Wesley Onesie is a cute take on a polo style onesie - making your little guy look like a mini golf pro. 

Comfortable Shorts and Pants: Ensure they are easy to put on and take off. Again with the layering - you'll want to pair this with a loose fitting polo up top, or alternatively you can layer directly over one of those adorable polo onesies I mentioned. Going with solid neutral colors will allow him to dress appropriately for a day on the course, while avoiding the need to stop and change at home on the way to dinner afterwards.

Boys Infant & Toddler Wesley Onesie-Sonoma Stripe Glacial Blue Baby One-Pieces TurtlesAndTees


Essential Pieces for Infant and Toddler Girls: 

Polos: Choose playful patterns and colors that are both cute and functional. A colorful patterned top pairs nicely with solid black, gray, white, etc. leggings or a skort, while a solid top might look (will look) incredible cute with a pop of color or unique pattern on the bottom. Opting for sun-protective and moisture-wicking fabrics will be a game changer, especially for a family on the go or on vacation.

Dresses and Onesies: Dresses can be a fun and practical option. Infant and toddler girls dresses are a cute mommy and me outfit idea - picture perfect and ready to tackle the day together. Onesies, on the other hand, can be an incredibly helpful piece for your infant girl on the course or court. Easy to layer over, and versatile for events, a girls onesie can allow for variable weather protection, easy on-and-off, and typically adhere to any club dress code you might encounter. As with the boys polo onesie, Turtles and Tees offers a similar style for your little girl - The Ruby Onesie, complete with ruffle details. Check it out, here:

Ruby Onesie - Club Life Pink Baby One-Pieces TurtlesAndTees CLPNK 0-3 months

Transitioning from Course to Casual

The key to a versatile golf wardrobe is choosing pieces that can easily transition from the course to casual outings. Here are some tips:

Neutral Colors: Stick to a color palette of neutrals like black, white, navy, and khaki, which can be easily mixed and matched.

Layering: Add a sweater or jacket over your golf attire for a more polished look off the course.

Footwear: Choose shoes that are stylish enough for casual wear but comfortable for playing golf.

By selecting the right pieces, you can create a golf wardrobe that is not only functional but also stylish, ensuring you’re ready for anything, on or off the course or court.

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